30th July 2015


Hello lovely person

If you're looking for our pub website and think you have landed on the wrong page, don't leave, you haven't.

On Thursday 30th July we celebrated the life of an amazing woman who passed away last year. Thursday was her birthday. Franca has left an amazing legacy behind her, her husband Keith dedicated the day to make everyone ask the question "Live My Life?" he caused a stir in our industry and we were proud to be part of it. So proud that we've decided to keep our websites down for the weekend to ask everyone that visits - could you be a hero?

Let me explain.

To be a hero today you don't need to run into a burning building, jump into icey cold waters, leap infront of a speeding car (although all pretty cool), today you just need to click this link and decide if you can help to save a life.

If you choose not too for whatever reason, ask the question of loved ones, friends and collegues today. It just takes one match to potentially save a life.

Thank you for visiting, normal service will commecnce on Monday, as for today we're living life to its fullest, with a smile on our faces.


For any informtaion on the pub, please just drop us an email click here

(Just a handful of my amazing army of loons that took part on the day)